Sowelo Consulting sp. z o.o. sp. k. is an Effective Company, Business Cheetah, Strong Trustworthy Company and Worldwide Company 2023

Sowelo Consulting sp.z o.o. sp. k. in Krakow was awarded by the European Business Institute in the 18th edition of the Gepardy Biznesu 2023 Competition, the 16th edition of the Effective Company 2023 Competition, the 11th edition of the Mocna Firma Godna Trust 2023 Promotional Program and the 11th edition of the Worldwide Company 2023 Competition based on financial data.

The company is developing dynamically – the average of the dynamics of revenues and net profit in 2021-2022 amounted to 45.5% in its case, which earned it the title of Business Cheetah 2023.

It also works effectively – the average ratio of net profit to revenue in 2022 reached 16.8%. This gave it the title of Effective Company 2023. Together, it earned it the title of Strong Trustworthy Company 2023.

In 2022, it exported to 8 countries, thanks to which it was awarded the title of Worldwide Company 2023.

It’s a headhunting company. Its main task is to find and employ candidates who have the appropriate professional qualifications and meet the client’s personal requirements. It is successful in finding the best candidates in a given industry thanks to the use of the direct search method, a rich database of contacts and recommendations from the market. Based on previous experience, it is a team that adapts to the client’s organizational culture.

Cooperation models are prepared specifically for companies whose requirements regarding the level of employment are in the range of 10-200 positions per year. The prepared services related to employment processes are flexible, customer-friendly and cost-effective. Sowelo Consulting services are provided by an experienced team of specialists, operating on the market since 2007.

Why is it worth to cooperate with Sowelo Consulting?

  • It provides free due diligence services and process diagnosis for potential clients.
  • Prepares the overall recruitment strategy.
  • She implements models of acquiring candidates in projects commissioned to her, as well as models for assessing candidates.
  • Implements candidate database management systems (ATS).
  • It provides the service of checking candidates’ skills and submitting offers to candidates.
  • He advises companies on the overall optimization of recruitment processes.
  • He advises companies on the organization of employee files and applicable provisions of the Labor Law
  • It supports the positioning of the employer’s brand

Since 2017, Sowelo Consulting has been a partner of InHunt Group, the largest Finnish headhunting company that has created its own international network of InHunt World headhunting companies. InHunt World International Headhunting Network brings together the best recruitment agencies from over 30 countries that offer their services in the recruitment of specialists and middle and high-level managers.

Since October 2020, Sowelo Consulting has been among the Coalition for Friendly Recruitment. Colaition recognizes the need to care for the positive impressions of candidates during and after the recruitment process. Membership is a great honor for the company, but it also comes with responsibility. Its task is to attract the best employees for clients. Every day he tries to meet even the highest requirements. Its experienced consultants quickly gain the trust and sympathy of candidates. Such action allows for effective acquisition of information necessary to create an individual and rich database of candidates.

More about the company at: https://sowelo.eu/


Information about the European Firma.pl portal and the European Business Institute


The EuropejskiFirma.pl portal and the European Business Institute analyze the financial results of enterprises. Since 2006, they have carefully analyzed the financial results of over 200,000 Polish companies. The analyzes are based mainly on official and reliable financial data provided by companies to the National Court Register. These data are public and generally available to make business activity safer. Analyzes and rankings help to check the credibility of business partners.


Since 2006, the Institute of European Business has been organizing the Cheetahs of Business competition. If the average dynamics of revenues and net profit of the surveyed company exceeds 10% in the selected period, it is awarded the Business Cheetah title free of charge.


Since March 2016, this project has been protected by the Business Cheetah trademark in 28 countries of the European Union.

Based on data from the National Court Register, the institute has also organized the Effective Company competition since 2008, and the Strong Trustworthy Company competition since 2013.

An effective company is the one in which the ratio of net profit to revenue is more than 5%. The title of Strong Trustworthy Company is awarded to the company which in a given year is also awarded in the Gepardy Biznesu Competition and the Effective Company Competition.

Since 2008, IEB has also organized the Polish Economy Diamonds Competition based on data from the National Court Register. This title is awarded to companies whose market value, according to its estimates, exceeds PLN 10 million.

Based on financial data, the institute calculates the market value of companies in a simplified way, using two ratios from the Warsaw Stock Exchange: P/E, i.e. Price to Profit and P/Vk – Price to Book Value.

The market value of companies has been used since 2020 also in the Business-Friendly City Competition, which the institute has been organizing since 2007.

Since 2012, the institute has been running the Great Modernizer competition. The title is awarded to entities in which two-year depreciation was higher than PLN 2 million.

Since 2013, IEB has been organizing the Worldwide Company Competition. The title is awarded to enterprises exporting to a minimum of 5 countries.


Every year, companies come to the institute with a request to analyze their financial results and assess whether they deserve to be awarded in its competitions.

Market value calculation methodology

The market value of companies is estimated in a very simplified way by comparing them to the valuations of domestic companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

The calculations are based on P/E (price to net profit) and P/BK (price to book value, i.e. price to total equity and net profit) ratios average for domestic companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, calculated by WSE analysts.

Indicators for calculating the market value of domestic companies in March 2023